Highland Medical Transcription understands that time is money and that documentation errors are something your practice cannot afford.

"In a study published in October by the American Journal of Roentgenology, researchers found dramatically higher rates of major errors in patient records created using front-end speech recognition technology compared with reports that were dictated and transcribed."

-For The Record magazine, November 21, 2011, Vol.23 No.21

Research proves that most physicians prefer to dictate their patient notes above any other type of method, as it is the best use of their valuable time when documenting patient care. It is easy to see why. Digital Voice Recorders (DVRs) help to organize a physician's thought process and ensure that they are able to dictate anytime, anywhere. HMT will provide the digital recorders for rent or purchase, install our custom file transfer software, and train your staff in minutes. We also provide ongoing technical support as needed. You can also be assured that our method requires no changes to your existing computer/IT infrastructure and is extremely easy to use. 

  • If you are still using written notes and tapes, we can work with you and easily and slowly integrate digital recorders. Eventually you will see how easy it is to implement and how the first step to going digital is really painless. 
  • If you already use a digital recorder with .dss files we can easily install our software and have you up and running today!
  • If you are already using an EHR system and have IT staff, we can create unique files that can be integrated into the patient's chart.
  • If you are implementing Lytec MD and still want to dictate your patient notes, HMT can help you! We have an established, successful relationship with Complete HealthCare Solutions, Inc, Palmer, MA, your Lytec MD connection! Best of both worlds!

The Details

At this time for traditional dictation/transcription, all transcripts are completed in Microsoft Word. Once you download your completed reports, they can be opened in your Microsoft Word program, saved, edited, reviewed, and/or printed. We will set up templates for each document according to your specific instructions, i.e., margins, headers, font size, etc. thus allowing you to print directly to your letterhead. 

Highland Medical Transcription takes quality and security very seriously and follows AHDI guidelines unless otherwise specified. All of your work is transcribed verbatim to ensure that your flavor of dictating is maintained. However, a good transcriptionist will also use judgment as necessary to ensure readability and accuracy.

Invoices are sent via E-mail or uploaded to you on the system on the 1st and 15th of each month, net 30 days. A fee will be added if payment is 15 days overdue.

Client Requirements:

  • PC Compatible Computer with High-Speed Internet
  • Windows 2000 or higher
  • Microsoft Word 97 or later
  • Samples of all types of documents we will be transcribing, i.e., Progress Notes, Consultations, Referral Letters, etc.
HIPAA Compliance

The handling of patient information is of utmost importance and we realize the concerns physicians may have regarding privacy in today's internet world. Using 128-bit encryption, our file transfer software maintains HIPAA compliance in communicating with our secure server. Files are password-protected at the point of origin and point of termination so the greatest care is taken when transferring protected health information. Transcriptionists are aware of HIPAA regulations and have signed HIPAA confidentiality agreements.

Professional Software Installation for Digital Recorders

Highland Medical Transcription takes pride in providing clients with exceptional personalized service.
Our digital process has proven to be unique in the industry for its ease of use and ability to overcome the obstacles commonly encountered with firewalls and standard file transfer software. The program was developed by our highly skilled IT staff who provides professional software installation and ongoing support services! If you would like to see our digital system first hand, please contact us to arrange for a demo at your location.

Individual Provider Accommodations

Our focus is to promote productive communication with each provider to accommodate his/her dictation expectations as well as to ascertain accuracy for all medical records. Turnaround time will be determined according to the needs of each client. Transcriptionists are educated, experienced, and take pride in producing quality reports in a timely manner.

Affordability and Pricing

Highland Medical Transcription charges on a per line basis according to the scope of work, and is guaranteed to be competitive. We use the standard 65-character-line (that is every 65 keystrokes). There are no hidden costs and no surprises.